At the heart of this company are its owners, Amy Darsey and Evelyn Groves, who met at Emerson College in Boston, MA while studying the craft of filmmaking. Little did they know that the friendship that began on an independent film set in 1996 would have such a profound effect on their future. Soon after graduating, the girls hit the road and headed west to Los Angeles with no plans of looking back. The Hollywood years provided both aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to hone their skills working on big big budget films and television productions while also building their own business, Black Box Photography. During these years they had the privilege of meeting and photographing such influential figures as Yolanda King and President Bill Clinton in 2001.

Organized, experienced, and multi-talented; they bring their enthusiasm to every project. Using professional cameras and editing software, Amy and Evelyn ensure that your final results are polished, professional, and most of all beautiful. When you hire Observe Pictures for your next project you will find that the owners of this company are involved at all levels of the process. They do the vast majority of the shooting and all of the editing. The key to success is understanding the client’s needs and desires, knowing that delighted clients will return again and again. Amy and Evelyn are passionately dedicated to manifesting the vision of their clients.

AMY DARSEY - Growing up with a father who worked in television and spending much of her adventurous childhood abroad most certainly framed Amy’s love of knowledge and storytelling. After college, Amy found her artistic voice in both the editing suite and on set.  Her first jobs in Los Angeles were as an editor, where she realized the value of post-production. She saw the editing process as an opportunity to not only refine the vision of the project but also as a place where new ideas are born. Amy has always been a natural leader, seen as someone who can be counted on to meet a challenge and get the job done. It wasn’t long before those in charge noticed her drive and initiative. She became known for her ability to work well with everyone on set and was quickly promoted to more demanding positions. During this time, she also joined Evelyn in working to grow the success of Black Box Photography. Amy found that her dexterity taking on multiple roles was her true strength. Her ability to focus on technical aspects of a project while also having a keen artistic eye has earned her a reputation for excellence. She stays true to the vision of a project and works tirelessly to that end. Amy continued to develop her talents working on such large-scale productions as The Academy Awards, The Emmys, and national commercials. Today, Amy is using her diverse skills in her hometown to make Observe Pictures the best choice for film, videography, photography, graphic design, and editing in Atlanta.

EVELYN GROVES - In early 2001 Evelyn became a business owner, opening Black Box Photography in Hollywood, CA. Within a few years, she became the photographer of choice for many actors, artists, and special events. Evelyn’s ability to connect with her subject and capture their essence became a hallmark of her work. Her energy and enthusiasm for her craft and her dedication to making that “perfect picture” happen are palpable. Evelyn simultaneously continued her work on other Hollywood projects. Many times she worked alongside her friend and colleague, Amy Darsey. She also continued her education traveling across Europe, including studies at the prestigious FAMU in Prague. During this time, Evelyn had the privilege of  spending four weeks in St. Tropez shooting the Cirque du Soleil circus troupe, a job she will always remember.. To call Evelyn multi-talented would be an understatement. Playing multiple instruments and having the ability to compose original music, she led three bands between 2005-2010. This included the band, The Black Kites which developed a following performing around Los Angeles and eventually toured the U.S. and Canada. Evelyn now also uses these talents to offer our clients a very special optional service, an original score to accompany their video. In 2010, expecting her first child, it was time for a change. Partnering, once again, with Amy seemed the natural choice and she decided to make Atlanta her new home. Evelyn is thrilled to bring her talent and perspective to Observe Pictures.